Asbestos Exposure Cases—1970’s-2019

Our firm has handled mesothelioma and cancer cases caused by asbestos since the 1970’s. We pursued, but lost, the first asbestos trial before a federal jury in Hamilton County. Despite that initial setback, we have continued our efforts to hold the responsible companies accountable to asbestos victims and their families.­­

Over the years, Jerry Summers, Sandra McCrea, and Jimmy Rodgers have successfully handled many asbestos cases for a variety of clients including workers at DuPont, Combustion, T.V.A., etc., as well as individuals that developed an asbestos-related disease through a multitude of occupations that exposed them to the deadly substance in the military or private industry.

Periodically, we are contacted by widows of former workers from a now closed industrial plant in Chattanooga where many died from mesothelioma or cancer. In those situations, we try to ascertain the following:

  • Were their spouses’ death caused by asbestos exposure?
  • Has the statute of limitations expired from the date of their diagnosis or possible discovery of a link between their condition and their demise?
  • Did any treating physician ever ask about asbestos exposure or suggest it might be related to the individual’s cancer?

Because many physicians are reluctant to get involved due to the possibility they might have to testify in a lawsuit, some may fail to consider or discuss asbestos exposure as a potential cause of cancer.

Any worker diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer, and a few other types of cancer, or their survivors should immediately contact a qualified law firm to determine whether they have a workers’ compensation or products liability case. If you are fearful of filing a lawsuit, or are just ideologically opposed to doing so, it is sometimes possible to obtain meaningful compensation without filing a lawsuit (that is, through filing administrative claims).

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