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Best Law Firm in Chattanooga

If you are gullible enough to believe that the “Bigtime Damages Big Time Lawyers” social media advertisers are better lawyers than Miller and Martin, Chambliss, Bahner and Stophel, and any other reputable law firms then I will be glad to sell you some valuable underwater real estate in Florida.

Buying glitzy advertising and having a public relation campaign to create an alleged satisfied clients list is not the way to promote a trial record of competent legal representation.

Quoting biblical passage while soliciting cases from injured or families of deceased individuals involved in accidents is contrary to the purpose of the quoted Scripture.

In 1978 when the United States Supreme Court authorized limited legal advertising under the public’s “right to know,” no one perceived that a yearly billion dollar industry would be created for the news media or print, radio, television and websites to the detriment of the image of the legal profession and the hundreds of non-media advertising attorneys.

There are over 1,200 “Best of _____?_____” (Law Listings) that can get a lawyer inducted for the purchase of a $350.00 plaque and very little experience. Is that the best way to pick someone to entrust your freedom or finances?”

Before you use the services of any of the “Best of the Best” winners you might also make inquiry of the legal newspaper as to how much advertising space the winners purchased before and after the selection of the “best.”

May I also respectfully suggest that you don’t use 800 numbers or possible deceptive gimmicks to pick your attorney. There are many ethical and capable lawyers in the Chattanooga and southeast Tennessee and Georgia areas that don’t spend large sums of money to advertise and which the cost will eventually come out of the prospective client’s share of any recovery due to settlement pressure to pay for the advertising.

Please also review the small print at the bottom of any television advertisement to ascertain whether a law firm is in Tennessee or merely an 800 number serving as a broker soliciting cases.

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