How can I find a job after a conviction?

People in Tennessee who have criminal convictions on their records can improve their ability to get a job by taking the right steps.

Among the many concerns that a person has after being arrested in Tennessee is how the experience might impact their future ability to work and earn a living. This can be tough even if the person does not spend time in jail because if they are convicted of an offense, that conviction would likely show up in a pre-employment background check.

For people who are incarcerated, the challenge of getting a new job once out of jail or prison can be even harder because they may have been out of the workforce for a while. Fortunately, there are options for people with criminal records to reset their lives and find solid employment.

The realities of job hunting in America today

According to the 2017 Background Screening Trends and Best Practices Report by Sterling Talent Solutions, 93 percent of companies do screen job candidates’ backgrounds before finalizing a hiring decision.

Before people with criminal records let this fact keep them from job hunting, they should know that a vast majority of human resources professionals and hiring managers believe that a person with a criminal record has just as much to offer a company as does a person without. This data comes from a survey conducted by the Charles Koch Institute and the Society of Human Resources Management.

Approaching the application and interview process with care

According to Glassdoor, one of the keys to finding a job when a candidate has a criminal record is finding the appropriate time to let the information be known. It is always better for the potential employer to hear about past indiscretions directly from the person applying for the job rather than through the results of an impersonal background check.

This does not mean that a resume should tout a criminal conviction, but it is important to disclose the information before the screening is conducted. Details of the event should be kept to a minimum and the emphasis should be on moving ahead, a way that reassures the employer that the future will not be marred by other such experiences.

An innovative new tool may offer assistance

Fast Company reported that a man who himself was convicted of a white collar crime has now created a website designed to help others with criminal records find jobs. Through the site, job seekers can make video resumes and employers can log in to view candidates. To date, this new enterprise has been tested with the city of Los Angeles and has been used elsewhere as well.

After any criminal arrest, people in Tennessee should contact an attorney promptly. This will give them access to someone who will be on their side and can explain the criminal justice process through the defense and beyond.

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