How to Pick a Lawyer or Law Firm—Asbestos / Mesothelioma

Every few minutes it seems a commercial appears on either a local or cable television channel soliciting cases from the unfortunate victims or surviving family members of victims who were diagnosed with and/or died from an asbestos-related disease. Often, these victims developed their lung disease after being exposed to asbestos fibers in either construction, military, or any other segments of industry where the asbestos-containing product was used as either a heating or cooling insulating agent.

Since 1973 Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, P.C., has represented many persons that have developed an asbestos-related disease like pleural or peritoneal mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis.

We have not advertised our involvement in this area of products liability litigation except through client referrals, association with other lawyers that might be employed in an individual case, and our firm’s reputation.

The often exaggerated commercials are often made by lawyers who are merely case brokers and who, after charging a high rate for soliciting the case, will refer the case to another law firm for handling.

At Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, P.C., we do not participate in what we consider an invasion of the privacy of a mesothelioma patient and their family during a very serious and stress related time of their lives.

We have actually tried asbestos cases in court and received substantial verdicts and settlements but have chosen not to publicize our results out of respect for our clients.

However, in light of the proliferation of television commercials by out-of-state law firms we are taking this limited step to advise the public of our historical involvement in these types of cases.

Hopefully neither you nor your loved one will ever develop an asbestos-related disease. If such an unfortunate diagnosis should occur however, our firm will be glad to discuss your legal options in a direct, legal, and ethical manner at a free consultation.

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