Local Lawyers for Local People

One of the local television advertising law firms has adopted the slogan that they are “Chattanooga’s local law firm!”

I am not certain that the other 1,270 Hamilton County lawyers listed by the Board of Professional Responsibility Office in Nashville would agree with that self-rating but most of the practicing attorneys who practice law in Chattanooga would certainly meet the criteria for being a “local law firm.”

The use of this jingle arises out of the television lawyer advertising “war” between the Huntsville Alabama lawyer Charles Pittman (the guy in the Superman cape), the Birmingham, Alabama duo of Wettermark & Keith (the billboard boys) and the “Insiders” (the purchasers of the slogan from John McMahan, who actually did defense work for 15 years with insurance companies).

Other less visible attorneys are also in the market but those individuals usually don’t have jingles or make as big promises of their alleged expertise.

There are many fine law firms in the Chattanooga area that are capable of handling the types of cases that the “Big 3” are pursuing. Those lawyers do not have large sums of money tied up in television, website, radio, yellow book or direct mail advertising budgets and are probably not under intense pressure to settle your case for less than full value.

We respectfully request that you talk to several reputable law firms before you decide who should handle a matter important to you or your family.

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