Roundup Alert

The weed killer, Roundup, commercially manufactured by Monsanto has recently been the subject of several multi-million dollar verdicts around the country based on the allegation that the product contains an element that causes Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer. Although the medical literature is skimpy at this time there exists the possibility that many other malignancy forms may also be the result of extensive exposure to Roundup.

If you have the unfortunate experience to have been diagnosed with any of the form of cancer listed on the attached sheet you should immediately talk to an attorney handling Roundup cases. If you have extensively used the product over the years either commercially or in the upkeep of your property be sure to let your treating oncologist know of your concern about your exposure to Roundup. If you get a negative response you might get a second opinion from another physician as some doctors are reluctant to deal with any case that has the potential to lead to litigation.

While many cases involve the use of the product by groundskeepers and landscapers, if you fit into the criteria described herein you should contact a trial attorney whose firm is experienced in handling product liability cases.

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