Where are guns prohibited in Tennessee?

There are some places in Tennessee where you cannot legally carry a firearm even with a permit. Find out where these places are to avoid issues.

Tennessee is fairly generous with its gun laws, often siding with gun owners to allow them the fullest extent of their rights to carry. However, there are still some restrictions in place that will affect carrying rights. These are often to help keep the public safe. By getting a permit or just by owning a gun, each person has the responsibility to be familiar with the gun laws and understand every aspect of them. This includes knowing where they cannot carry a gun.

Places guns are prohibited

According to the Department of Safety & Homeland Security, legal gun owners are prohibited from carrying in some very specific areas under both state and federal law. Any area where federal law prohibits guns is also prohibited by the state even if not specifically mentioned in state statutes. For example, a person cannot carry in a military institution or an airport.

Guns are also prohibited through state law in any area where judicial proceedings are being held. Gun owners cannot carry on school property and in certain meetings where a notice is posted. It is also illegal to carry at any time if a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, even if the person has a permit.

The Tennessee statute that prohibits possessing a gun while intoxicated also makes it a misdemeanor to have a firearm in a public establishment that serves alcohol while the carrier is consuming alcohol on the premises.

There are also other situations where a person may not be able to carry a firearm that are on a case-by-case basis. The Attorney General has spoke out about the rights of gun owners to carry on leased or rental properties, giving the owner of the property the right to prohibit firearms. However, this must be included as a clause in a lease.

Guns in trunks law

While employers may prohibit carrying a gun on company property, the Tennessean brings attention to the “guns in trunks” law. This law pertains to employees bringing guns onto work property. When a firearm is stored in the trunk of a parked car, it is legally allowed. It must be locked and out of sight. It can also be kept in the glovebox or a container provided it is in the car, not visible and locked. An employer can fire an employee for having a firearm stored in this manner on company property but would face the possibility of a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Understanding these restrictions is very important for every gun owner. Not following the law exactly can result in criminal charges. If you need more information about legally carrying or the guns laws, you should consult with an attorney, such as one at Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers.

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