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Representing Construction Workers Afflicted By Mesothelioma

An Italian research study published in 2009 indicated that an extra-high percentage of mesothelioma cases in a certain region of Italy involved construction workers. The report concluded that “the prevalence of mesothelioma occurring among construction workers is high and is associated with asbestos exposure” and that mesothelioma should, therefore, be considered an occupational disease in such cases. (Source: National Institutes of Health). We may assume that the same is true in other parts of the world.

At the first sign of illness, construction workers and former construction workers should seek legal advice as well as the best available medical evaluation and care. Are you a current or past construction worker who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma? We welcome your inquiry at Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers. Let us offer guidance and advocacy as you seek financial relief.

Construction Workers At Risk Of Asbestos Exposure

The following subcategories of construction workers employed at residential and commercial building sites may be at high risk for developing mesothelioma:

  • Insulators, perhaps because so many types of insulation have contained asbestos
  • Boilermakers, whose entire workspaces are often full of materials containing asbestos
  • Carpenters, especially those who work at remodeling structures built during times when asbestos was used more extensively
  • Plumbers, who are often in contact with asbestos-containing cement pipes, pipe wrap insulation, valves and gaskets
  • Steamfitters and HVAC mechanics, who often work in poorly ventilated areas
  • Drywall installers and plasterers, especially those doing remodeling
  • Tile and linoleum installers, particularly those working on older homes and commercial buildings
  • Cement and masonry workers who have repeatedly handled and breathed in particles from products containing asbestos
  • Roofers, especially those who have often ripped off older shingles that contained asbestos
  • Plumbers in frequent contact with pipes, insulation and adhesive compounds containing asbestos

If you or your loved one has worked in any of these or other construction occupations and has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, turn to experienced advocates for injured workers. At Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, we review clients’ work histories and track down likely sources of asbestos exposure. With the valuable information that we uncover, we prepare compelling claims and lawsuits designed to help our clients find help and hope.

Consult With An Attorney About Your Mesothelioma Diagnosis And Construction Work History

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