Chattanooga’s Now-Closed DuPont Plant Was An Asbestos Contamination Trap

Chattanooga’s former Dupont plant claimed to be “the safest plant in the world.” But when asbestos exposure occurs, illnesses often turn up years later, with mesothelioma the most serious. This is what has happened with the Dupont plant.

At Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, we are effective advocates for people afflicted by diseases caused by asbestos exposure. Attorney Jerry Summers was one of the early pioneers in asbestos litigation. Attorney Jimmy Rodgers focuses his practice on this area of the law and has years of experience helping people pursue maximum compensation for their injuries.

How The DuPont Plant Led To Much Disease Among Employees

From the time of its opening in 1948 until its closing in 2015, the DuPont plant in Chattanooga had a powerful economic impact on the community. It attracted attention as the third nylon plant in the United States and the sixth one in the world.

The DuPont plant gave the appearance of being clean, modern and safe. Management proudly proclaimed that it was a “no-loss-time” plant. On-staff physicians and adaptive reassignments for people with injuries or ailments supposedly demonstrated the company’s care for its employees as well as its focus on consistent, high productivity.

What DuPont did not acknowledge and was not clear for some time was the hidden danger of asbestos fibers being disbursed daily throughout the plant, including through the facility’s air-conditioning system. The insulation shop was especially dangerous. In that location, large quantities of asbestos-containing pipe insulation and block were cut up, releasing dangerous asbestos fibers circulating in the air nearby and elsewhere in the manufacturing plant through air-conditioning ducts. This went on despite the company’s knowledge of the presence of asbestos and the dangers related to it.

Over the years, the result of these dangerous practices has been that many employees developed asbestos-related diseases, including  asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma, the deadliest of all. Over the years, our trial lawyers have obtained many settlements and verdicts for former DuPont employees and their family members. Deadly diagnoses continue to come to light and our team continues the legal fight for justice for each affected person and family.

For more information on conditions at the plant, see this article by attorney Jerry Summers, a founder of our firm, in The

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