Living Out Our Legacy, One Client At A Time

A legacy isn’t only a bequest in a will. On a deeper level, it’s the values you stand for and what you pass on to others.

At Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, Attorneys at Law, our legacy is the tradition of skilled, value-driven legal services started many years ago by Jerry Summers. This legacy continues today, as Jerry, our other attorneys, and our staff offer highly skilled and effective service to people who are injured or facing criminal charges.

We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your specific situation in a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney. We serve clients throughout the southeast including especially in the greater Chattanooga area.

We Don’t Overpromise.

Plenty of out-of-town lawyers, and even some in-town lawyers, with aggressive TV and newspaper ad campaigns are trying to hustle legal business in Chattanooga. Their slogans try to capture attention with dubious slogans like “in a wreck, get a check” or “[with a snap of the finger] it’s that simple.”

Here’s the thing though about promises like that: if you are injured, they may be selling you out. That’s because, the way these firms operate, they’re likely to settle your case for less than it’s really worth – just so they can keep their mill churning and keep paying for those expensive ads.

We get calls all the time from people dissatisfied with the service they received from such quick-to-cash-in lawyers.

Why We’re Different.

Our firm is different because we still believe the practice of law is a profession, not just another business. We base our advice and counsel on our independent judgment of what is truly in your best interest, not on some sort of preconceived marketing strategy.

Our proven record for integrity and skilled legal services dates back to 1969, when Jerry Summers began defending clients against criminal and DUI charges. Over the years, others have joined Jerry in that work, extending the legacy.

We also provide skilled and determined representation for people harmed by motor vehicle wrecks, asbestos exposure, or other negligence or misconduct. Led by Jeffrey Rufolo and Jimmy Rodgers, Jr., our firm has a strong reputation for results in helping injured people obtain rightful compensation.

What Matters To Us.

Our attorneys have received plenty of awards the old-fashioned way: they’ve earned them. You can learn more about this by reviewing our attorneys’ professional profiles. Some lawyers try to toot their own horn by purchasing plaques or joining groups that suggest credibility or appear to make them experts. As we have always done, our attorneys prefer to allow our own good name and reputation do the talking for us.

What really matters to us is not awards, but making a difference for each client, one case at a time. We are also strongly committed to having a positive impact on the Chattanooga community through our civic involvement.

Because of our decades-long tradition of strong, straightforward client service, many people refer others to our firm. We therefore encourage you to ask your friends and family about us, because someone you know may already be a part of our ongoing legacy.

Whether you’re already familiar with us or not, we invite you to get in touch to talk us in a free initial consultation. Call 423-265-2385 or complete the online form.

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