Referrals Stem From Our Long Tradition Of Excellence And Service

Summers, Rufolo, & Rodgers has been part of the Chattanooga community for over 50 years. We still believe that the practice of law is a profession, not a business. This means holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and always striving for excellence in our service to our clients. Simply put, our clients come first, every time.

Our long-standing reputation generates referrals from multiple sources, especially prior clients and their families. Many local unions also refer members to our office. There is a good reason people refer clients, friends, and family to our office, and it starts with trust. They trust us to manage a person’s case with the care and attention it deserves. We take this trust seriously and do all we can to continue to earn it.

Why Choose A Local Law Firm?

There are many law firms competing for your business in Chattanooga and throughout Tennessee. Some even claim to be “local” when they are actually based out of state. Due to their business models, these firms often face pressure to settle cases quickly and for less than their full value.

In contrast, our truly local Chattanooga firm is based here. We are your neighbors and have a personal stake in your well-being. In addition, we strongly believe in fighting for the best outcome possible in your case, whether that means pushing for a better settlement or taking your case to trial.

A Return To Integrity

Some may say this is an old-fashioned approach to practicing law, but we like it that way. We are proud of our tradition of integrity and service. We appreciate the skilled attorneys and staff who dedicate themselves to keeping up to date with the laws and rules in their area of practice and working hard every day on behalf of our clients. We let our outcomes speak for themselves.

Do You Have A Referral?

We appreciate all referrals to our office and never take them for granted. Your referral is our chance to prove that your faith in us is well-founded. Our first consultations are free, so call us at 423-265-2385 or reach out online today to find out how we can help.

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